Tower Dryers


GSI has a reputation for engineering excellence. The tower dryer exemplifies this, with design innovations unmatched by anyone in the industry. The tower dryer design utilizes industry proven drying principles along with many unique features to provide the commercial user with a simple, reliable, fuel efficient grain dryer. Each dryer employs a bolt together (versus welded) design, which permits the wide use of galvanized steel (versus painted steel) throughout the dryer. In addition, all dryers have stainless steel, roll formed exterior sheeting as a standard feature. These design features simplify dryer erection, improve dryer appearance and promote a long dryer life.

The hopper bottom design used on the dryer, including GSI’s patented metering drum, provides a simple and efficient grain discharge system. This system transfers grain from the dryer uniformly and allows for easy dryer clean-out. Touch screen controls offer computerized control of all dryer functions. This “smart” system eliminates the guesswork by providing the operator instant information on a large backlit color display and simplifies the operation of the dryer.

Superior Workmanship

Standard operational features on the dryer include double Maxon gas blocking valves on the gas train, exhaust air temperature sensors, plenum high temperature limits, grain level monitoring, continuous flame monitoring, airflow monitoring and motor overload monitoring. We take pride in the design and workmanship that goes into the tower dryer, and stand behind it with a one full year parts and labor warranty.

Customer Service

Should you ever need service on your GSI tower dryer, we have a professional staff of service technicians who can take care of your service needs. Also, many local GSI dealers have been trained in the  service aspects of the tower dryer, and can provide quick, reliable service if needed.

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