- Model TP83QG - Front Mount Trans-Porter Forklifts



The Front Mount Trans-Porter is constructed of the same high quality materials as the rear mount. It can be used in conjunction with the rear mount Trans-Porter to carry a total tractor load of two bins... or to take the place of a dead weight counterbalance to make a more profitable pay load for a rear mount Edwards Trans-Fork. The EDWARDS FRONT 3-POINT HITCH combined with the Edwards 3-Point Trans-Porter.  Install a Trans-Porter to the rear and double the bin movement.  Remove the Edwards forks from the front and let the Front 3-Point Hitch attach to many of your category 1 implements.  Just imagine the time saving possibilities of a Front 3-Point Hitch.

  • Can pick up load and set down load on up to 5-inch skid rails.
  • A bin saddle attachment is available for positioning bins.
  • Lifts 18 inches at lowest point.
  • Tilts 9 degrees.
  • Fits most makes of tractors.
  • 1500 pound lifting capacity.
  • The 3-Point Trans-Porter and Front Mount 3-Point Hitch can be used independently.

The Edwards Front Mount Trans-Porter combines the Edwards Front Mount 3-Point Hitch with the Edwards 3-Point Trans-Porter. See page 44 and page 4 for additional information on these implements.

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