Model TPH - Straddle Tractor



Soil protection : soil compaction limited thanks to its lightness and its wheel dimensions . Engine power : transfer of the engine power towards the traction capacity. Important steering angle : maneuverability in U-turn. Important drivability : torque/transmission. Flexibility and control of speed ranges, able to work at very low speeds with high progressivity. Power take-off adjustment : power consumption reduced. Hydraulic power take-off  : for all works including the most consuming


  • Protective hoop
  • Seat belt
  • Road and working lights
  • Low center of gravity. Good stability

User-friendy and comfort

  • Pneumatic seat with ergonomic armrest : adjustable and user-friendly
  • Adjustable steering column : a driving platform  adapted to the morphology of the driver and working conditions
  • Coupling devices (front and rear) : the straddle tractor can be supplied with tools in rear, front and central position
  • Manual hydraulic distributors  (TPH 270) : accurate control determined by the operator
  • Hydraulic electro-distributors (TPH 280, 290 and 2120) : with a multifunctions joystick to ensure a sensitive control of the tools 
  • Transparent floor (depending on the tractors) : more visibility, great accuracy while soil working

Equipment and accessories

Tecnoma offers a tool range and accessories  for all vineyard works

Equipment for pneumatic spraying or PRECIJET.

Fast set up thanks to the chassis. From 1 to 4 rows, the blades are boomerang-shaped that allow an important penetration in the canopy, height adjustment, cutting adjustment

PRE-PRUNERS for trellised vineyard
Fast set up thanks to the chassis. 3 types of pre-pruners with hydraulic opening. 1 row or 2 rows.

These tools are designed for superficial soil works. The soil maintenance tools (interceps) are fitted on a hook system on the tool-holder of the straddle tractor

Grass cover has a beneficial effect if it is controlled. The mowers are fitted on a hook system on the tool-holder of the straddle tractor

The drill is used to plant or transplant vine plants.

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