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Model FCF 320 - Frontal Mowing-Conditioning Machine



This machine has been designed for cutting green forage or similar products. The mowing bar is equipped of two solid rubber grooved rollers The cutter bar is equipped with two solid rubber grooved rollers, helical rifled,  which allow the conditioning of the cut product; you can adjust the weight of the cutting device making it lighter or heavier to adapt as best as possible to each type of product. The harvested and conditioned product remains  in a soft and well-ventilated swath, lifted from the ground thus allowing a quick drying and maximum cleanliness.

The cutting height adjustment is controlled by an innovative system which guarantees perfect and total work height control without damaging or mistreating the crops and the ground. The cutting system has a working width of 3.10 Mt and is composed of n ° 8 two-blade discs designed with a particular profile to ensure a perfect cut with short and long products and  rarefied ones. As always, DE PIETRI is willing to customise the machine in order to supply a specific product manufactured with high quality components and the customary attention to details recognised by clients from all over the world.

  • Work width: 3,10 m.


  • Connection triangle

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