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Model TR 100 DT/S - Reversibile-Drive Hydraulic Multipurpose Tractor



De Pietri is a company that has always given the greatest consideration to the needs of farmers and it is for this reason that a new upgraded version of the TR 100 DT/S tractor with reverse drive has been produced. This new version is built, in line with De Pietri tradition, on New Holland mechanics derived from the T4050 series with a 100 hp turbo motor. The TR 100 DT/S is the version aimed at users that expect the most from their tractors. In fact the series has all the technology present only on tractors in much higher categories and price ranges plus driving placethe reversible driving position which can be turned around simply and in just a few seconds, enabling the driver to quickly rotate the entire assembly consisting of the seat, steering wheel, control panel and pedals thus inverting the tractor’s direction of movement.

The new TR 100 DT/S has, in addition to a completely new design, an even more comfortable cabin with maximum visibility, maximum soundproofing (78 dBA) complete with air conditioning, opening front and rear windscreens, double steering cylinder for safer driving even at 40 km/h, a wide range of speeds with the HI LO 32+16 gears. The inverter, double traction clutch, 100% locking of the front and rear differentials are electro-hydraulic and the tractor has a joystick for the distributor controls, facility for mounting 4 distributors, PTO 540/540E/1000 g/1 with hydraulic coupling. Versatility combined with highly advanced technology, great manoeuvrability and comfort make the TR100DT/S the ideal tractor for the farmer and farm contractor.

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