Model TR3200 - Tractor Tree & Brush Cutters



The TR Series Models are ideal maintenance tool for land owners to remove invasive trees. This high-speed saw cuts 11' in a single pass, up to a 22' tree with repositioning. The PTO powered cutting disc will cut as fast as an operator can back up. The LT3200 is equipped with a pushing bar to direct the fall of trees away from the operator, while the TR3200 has a hydraulic grapples that can carry and stack trees. The LT3200 can operate on tractors with 28-70 hp and the TR3200 can operate on 28-120 hp. On a 540 rpm PTO, the cutting disc turns at 1,100 rpm cutting up to 6' per second. The mining grade carbide teeth can contact the dirt to ensure a smooth, below ground stump.

  • The PTO shaft is included with every Tractor Saw. Usually, the blade will cut as fast as an operator can back up. In case the saw is crowded out, a rugged slip clutch protects the tractor and the saw.
  • The Tractor Saw comes with Category I and II 3-point pins.
  • A machined and hardened skid plate is mounted to the bottom of the blade preventing wear on the fastening bolts during ground contact.

Safety is a primary concern of Dougherty Forestry MFG and each Turbo Saw Tractor Saw has more standard safety features than the competition.

Blade Shield
The blade is shielded, preventing sawdust from reaching the operator.

Cutting Force

Heavy Duty Gearbox
The Turbo Saw™ Tractor Saw has a heavy duty gearbox designed to withstand use in the forestry industry. The gearbox has a 1 year, unlimited hour warranty.

High Speed Cutting Disc
The cutting disc on the Turbo Saw™ Tractor Saw turns 1,100 rpm. The teeth move at a high speed making a smaller bite minimizing flying debris while multiplying available power and increasing efficiency. The high speed cutting disc also allows the operator to cut brush as well as trees.

TS3 Cutting System
The TS3 Cutting System consist of a 4 sided, bolt-on, mining grade, carbide cutting tooth that can be rotated after wear to a sharper edge.

New TS3 Cutting System Features

  • Larger Bolt Shank
  • Countersunk Lock Washer (No Loctite Needed)
  • Bigger 1/4 Hex Head Bolt

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