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- Tracked Power Barrow


TEKNA's Tracked Power Barrow, is designed for professional use. Thanks to the sturdiness of this machine, heavy materials can be transported over all types of terrain; its tough rubber tracks allow carrying out operations over the most uneven and broken ground while ensuring maximum user safety.

They are widely used in many fields, in Agriculture for transporting fruit, vegetables, etc. both in the field and the greenhouse, in Forests for transporting timber, etc., in Zootechny for cleaning stables or transporting feed, in Building for transporting construction materials especially when space is limited, and in Gardening for transporting tools, pots, soil, etc.There aren't any obstacles for our MiniTransporters: they can climb up slopes and work under difficult conditions, on mud or steps, thanks to their consistent structure and sturdy rubber tracks, which provide grip and stability.These are self-propelled machines, equipped with mechanical transmission and a sturdy gearbox in an oil bath, featuring an internal differential block which keeps the two driving tracks in traction at all times. The steering clutches are also in an oil bath and are housed inside the mechanical gearbox.All machines are equipped with 4-stroke gasoline engines.

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