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The Ridge Knocker is a concept that has been developed in the field by and for TracPacker owners in Ridge Till systems.  The new Ridge Knocker does just what it says, it knocks the top 3 to 4' off of the ridge in front of the left front tire to smooth out the ridge till ride. The Ridge Knocker lays the ridge top over into the row middle just enough to level the 'across row' travel for the left side tractor tires.  With the right side of the tractor already driving in a leveled pivot track, taking another half of the movement out of the left side of the tractor tires provides the smoothest ride in the track filling business.  You can see the bottom half of the double disk opener contacting the top half of the ridge.  If you are running with duals, try deflating the dual tires pressure to the minimum psi that will preserve the tire bead contact.  This should remove more of the bounce and provide more stability.

Ridge Till pivot track 7' deep before filling and packing with the TracPacker.

On the right side of this picture is the filled and packed track.  The left side has had the ridge top 3 to  4' knocked out.  This is travel perpendicular to the row direction in ridge till, the roughest ride you can find in pivot track filling.  Travel speed of 3 to 5 mph straight across the rows is now possible with the smoother ride afforded by the Ridge Knocker.

  • Extremely simple to use and operate! You simply drive the tractor with the right front tractor tire in the pivot track. The front unit moves the displaced soil from the left side into the track and the front tire packs that soil into the bottom of the track. The side unit moves the right side of the displaced soil into the track and the rear tractor tire packs the track full and level with the field surface.
  • Cylinder safety lock-up straps allow you to lock the TracPacker units in the 'up' position and disconnect the TracPacker hydraulics from the tractor. This enables you to take other equipment such as blades or tillage equipment to the field to take care of other problem situations in the field. Other 'pull behind' track fillers completely tie up your tractor for one purpose only.
  • The 2003 TracPacker features a depth band on the side unit that controls disk gang depth in sandy soils or light residue conditions. Place the hydraulic levers in float and sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • A new front gauge wheel adjustment design features a fully enclosed screw that provides easy adjustment in all conditions. The adjustable gage wheel on the front unit rides in the unfilled track bottom, allowing for minimal soil movement in shallow track areas and maximum soil movement in deeper tracks. The front tractor tire always runs in a half filled track, preventing any damage to the tire. The varied diameter disks feather the moved soil to a level surface leaving smooth edges.
  • The TracPacker front unit mounts onto the front of the tractor where the weight bracket is attached. The TracPacker side unit mounts on a bracket that bolts onto the side frame rail of your tractor. Each unit has two drop stands with dolly wheels that slide up for field work and down for storage.
  • To attach the TracPacker you simply roll the units up to the tractor, install four bolts on each unit, hook up the cylinder hoses to the SCV outlets, and you are off to the field. Once the original mounting brackets are installed, you can attach or detach the TracPacker in 25 minutes.
  • The TracPacker is designed to be operated with the hydraulic cylinders in the float position. This allows the units to fill all depths of tracks with the right amount of soil to achieve a level finished field surface.
  • Smoother ride and faster operating speeds than other track fillers. At an operating speed of 4 to 5 mph, you can fill and pack the tracks on a system in 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Tracks are not just filled in, they are packed in which makes for a shallower track next year. The disk gangs move the displaced soil back to the track where it is packed twice into the bottom of the track. This key function gets more soil packed back in to the track and allows the refilled track to remain more stable through the irrigation season.
  • Ideal for no-till, ridge till, or conventional till fields.
  • No more bouncing over filled ridges or driving back over the entire system to pack down those ridges. Planters, sprayers and haying equipment ride smoothly through the fields.
  • Pivot tracks do not wash out or squish soil out to their original depth after a few irrigations. Pivots that used to get stuck constantly ride higher in shallower tracks and pivots constantly getting stuck is no longer a problem.
  • Designed and patented by a farmer, the TracPacker has been proven on pivot tracks from North Dakota to Texas and Washington State to Illinois. Satisfied TracPacker users report that their pivot tracks the following year are half as deep as tracks filled with tillage or regular track filling machines and pivots no longer get stuck in deep tracks.
  • The TracPacker is adaptable to 30, 36, 38, and 40 inch wheel spacing. Two wheel drive system mounting applications are available for 2510 through 7810 series John Deere, 56 through 8930 series International tractors, and older model Case and White tractors.

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