Hattat Group has been on the market in this industry segment since 1998. At the start, the company had partnerships with Ford and John Deere. Nowadays, Hattat works in close relationship with Valtra, as they manufacture the transmissions for the German machines which is also installed on the Turkish tractors. The engine of Hattat tractors is produced by Perkins. The range of machines that are offered by Hattat is between 65 hp and 102 hp. All engines have EURO 3 certificate. The company successfully combines factors such as quality, price and delivery terms, in order to satisfy the needs of its customers. The tractors Hattat are constantly being improved and modernized, so that they stay competitive and meet customer demands.

The machines are production of the Polish company that has been focusing on that industry since 1984. About 50% of CRYSTAL’s products are exported to other European countries. The tractors rely on a simple structure for easier maintenance and imported electronics and engines. The machines comply with European Union EURO 2 and EURO 3 standards. CRYSTAL tractors also have the needed certificates to guarantee the origin and quality of the production.

The range of tractors includes 7 models with a power of 100 hp to 265 hp.

Tong Yang Moolsan is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and is founded in 1960. At the end of the 90’s, TYM managed to break through on the North-American market and in the recent years it is one the fastest growing brand in its industry.

TYM tractors are available in different modification with engine power ranging from 23 hp to 100 hp.

The company manufactures its tractors using technological processes developed in its dedicated 'Central R&D Institute for Agricultural Machinery.' Each machine produced by TYM obtains quality certificates ISO 9002 and ISO 14001. Depending on the model, the engine can either be the American Caterpillar/Perkins or the Japanese Mitsubishi. Customers can choose between modifications without cabins and such with heating or cooling cab system, CD and radio, and separate controls for optionally mounted hydraulic elements.

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