Trailed Folding Trio


The Trailed Folding Trio models offer a working width of 3.5m up to 6.6m with either 7, 9, 11 or 13 subsoiler legs.

  • The main frame is the familiar Sumo tri-box design- giving strength and rigidty for a trouble free working life.
  • At the front is the Sumo level-hitch drawbar, designed to keep the towing eye parallel to the ground at all times, greatly reducing pin/hitch wear.
  • Ultra-low draught subsoiler legs mounted in a staggered pattern on a heavy duty toolbar. Adjustable to a maximum of 400mm via pins featuring a quick change point.
  • A double row of 500mm concave discs mounted in pairs on independently suspended arms on a fully removable frame.
  • Removing the disc unit allows the Trio to be used as a subsoiler with low surface disturbance, ideal for sowing oilseed rape in one pass.
  • Patented 609 x 10mm Multipacka featuring shouldered rings providing a total diameter of 800mm.
  • Pin adjustment on the subsoiler legs.
  • Slice adjustment on the front ram.
  • Pin adjustment on the packer.
  • At the rear is a heavy duty 10 stud braked axle fitted with 600mm wide flotation tyres, quality Rubbolite lights are also fitted as standard.

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