This just-right sized trailer is perfect for landscapers, farms, constructions sites — virtually anywhere that space is tight and the payload is big.  The street legal Li’l Eagle is so light you can pull it with a small tractor or a ¾-ton pick-up.  It uses a self-contained chain and flap conveyor system run by a small gas engine for fast, reliable unloading.  Li’l Eagle trailers are designed and built to the same standards as their big brothers, the “Eagle Bridge” trailers.  This assures you years of rough and tough service that the competition can only wish to match.

  • Light enough to be towed
  • behind a ¾-ton pick-up.
  • (Vehicle must be properly equipped with a towing
  • package)
  • Capacity: 4 yds w/o extensions
  • 8½ yds w/ extensions
  • 10,000 lb. GVW (2,800 lb. curb weight, 7,200 lb payload)
  • Note: trailer curb weight will vary with options.
  • Dual axles with heavy-duty 16-inch wheels
  • Heavy duty drop leg jack
  • Adjustable height ball or pintle coupler
  • Electric brakes on both axles with emergency breakaway kit
  • Hydraulic chain and flap conveyor system driven by an 8 HP gas engine.
  • Low friction plastic liner for easier product movement
  • aluminum door
  • 36” conveyor belt

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