Transport/Slurry Injector Tank



Galvanized tank with manhole 0 600 mm. Galvanized strengthened undercarriage with low hitch and twistable towing bracket. Float indicator in the front wall. Big sight glass at back side. Pumpjurop PN 58 (6200 litres) (1000 RPM). Walterscheid PTO shaft. Self-cleaning moisture guard. Hydraulic shut-off valve at the back 6'. Side connection 6' with fastener at the left front. Blind flange 6' at the left front and at the right front.
4 Metres hose 6' with couplings. Hose hooks at left side. Lighting and reflectors. Hydraulic support. Hydraulically braked axle. Tyres Peecon 550/60x22.5

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