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Transportable Water Trough for Animals



Transportable animal drinker is equipped with 3 pieces of animal feeders. Bowls have a self-regulated level of filling, thannks that the drinker may be left unattended in a pasture. Emptying is done automatically. The vehicle has:- brake system, 12V electrical system, the lift with adjustable height of the drawbar.  The vehicle is prepared for connecting the tractor to the lower clevis - type coupling, or 'hitch'.

Transportable water trough for animals

  • Type T507 / 4
  • Capacity 4000 liters - axial

Technical and operational data:

Lenght 4800 mm

Widht 1850 mm

Height 2100 mm

Tires 11,5/80x15,3, 400/60x15,5

Axles 1

Wheel track     1500 mm

Emphasis on the look 12 kN

Capacity 4000 liters

Empty weight 1050 kg

Total weight 5500 kg

Tractor with 33 kW

Number of drinkers 3

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