Transpread Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders

The Robertson Transpread trailed spreaders are built with stainless bins. This ensures farmers and contractors know they are getting a piece of equipment that will last. The spreaders are available in both agricultural and horticultural models in a range of sizes to suit both large and small farming enterprises. The horticultural models start at 1.7 tonne and go to 6.0 tonne. The agricultural models also start at 1.7 tonne and go to 12.0 tonne. The smaller 300 series has a 300mm wide twin chain system, the 500 series has a 500mm wide twin chain system, and the 700 series has a 730mm wide triple chain system. All models have hydraulic drive variable speed twin spinners and a wheel driven gear box drive to drive the floor chains. The spreaders are available with either single or tandem axles, and there are a range of tyre options available to suit the various carrying capacities and ground conditions where that particular machine will be predominately operating.

Superb Accuracy

  • Uniquely shaped hydraulic twin spinner discs provide controlled accurate spread
  • Digital tachometer accurately reads spinner speed from tractor
  • Chain feed provide reliable constant feed to spinners & discs

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