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Row Cleaners are made of drop-forged alloy steel. They have a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking.  The simple screw-adjust mechanism allows you to fine tune your row cleaning.The Trashwheels shown here have our new magnetically retained handle. It can be adjusted by hand, or with a 3/4' socket.


The 12.75' Trashwheel Row Cleaner has a swept-back tooth. It works very well in a wide variety of tillage conditions. This wheel is ideal for running in conventionally tilled ground, where it allows residue and clods to slough off as the teeth exit the ground. It also prevents wrapping when running no-till into wheat stubble. The John Deere 1770NT, 1780, 1790, DeereBauer, White 8000 series, and Case 1250 series planters have limited clearance for planter attachments. For these planters you will likely use the 12.75' wheel, as the 14' Trashwheel can only run intersecting, or not at all, on those planters.


This is the orginal Dawn Drop-Forged Alloy Steel Trashwheel. The 14' Trashwheel Row Cleaner is designed to aggressively bite into trash, and is commonly used in a no-till or min-till environment. The standard row cleaner can have the wheels running in the intersecting or offset positions. If you have worked bottoms, or other difficult ground that required some tillage, you may choose to run the Trashwheels in the offset position. For No-till, they are generally run in the intersecting position. Please make sure your planter has adequate clearance to run the 14' Trashwheel.

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