Model TRB-1200 - Two Disks Fertilizer Spreader



Centrifugal spreader fertilizer TRB-1200-2 is intended for superficial entering mineral fertilizers of all types in which maintenance there are no hardened pieces in the size more than 25 mm, also for entering crop, seeds, grasses, etc. cultures. The width of capture depends on height of disks above ground or plants of their inclination and frequency of rotation, and also from installation of blades of a disk. Management: manual or hydraulic. Aggregate with tractors 14 kN, etc. tractors. The spreader is hung on hinged system of a tractor by means of connecting fingers.

  • Fertilizer bin
  • Frame
  • Drive
  • Spreading device with paddles
  • Shuttle/valve
  • Cylinder
  • Handles

Fertilizer bin is made of two irregularly shaped containers.
Its lower part has two holes with valves through which fertilizer pass on to paddles. Paddles spread fertilizer on the soil.
Valves are managed by hydrocylinders.
Working width depends on the disk inclination angle.
Disc angle is replaced by lengthening or shortening of the upper hanger tractor pull, i.e. turning the entire machine.
Steady speed guarantees equal fertilizing of the field.

Model TRB-1200-2 
Spreading width, m 12-18
Working sped, km/ha 6-12
Fertilizer dosage, kg/ha 100-1000
Fertilizer bin capacity, kg 1000
Fertilizer bin capacity, l 800
Filling height, m till 1,2
Number of spreading discs, units 2
Disc size, mm 365
Workers required 1
Size (length, width, height, diameter), m 1,5/1,7/1,2/1,73
Weight, kg up to 290

  • Suitable for seeding
  • Adjustable working area
  • Even fertilization
  • Sieve holds a solid fertilizer pieces

Solid pieces of fertilizers that can clog and damage shuttles are stopped/kept by the sieve. Working width depends on the disk inclination angle and pitch.

  • 2 sieves
  • Scratcher/pick

  • racks with wheels
  • sheet/canopy for fertilizer bin
  • cardan shaft

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