Seed Treaters


TREAT YOUR SEED WITH ACCURACY AND CONFIDENCE. Seed treaters play a crucial role in applying the appropriate amount of seed treatment, which in turn helps plants get off to a strong and healthy start. Treaters need to accurately meter seed treatment and apply it in a uniform manner to ensure the whole seed is protected in the soil. Seedpoint can help you determine what treater and accessories fit your needs.


  • How many different treatments will be used now or in the future?
  • Is there enough room to put a surge hopper above the treater?
  • Should all of the seed pass through the treater?
  • What is the size of the seed going through the treater?
  • Will the treater be part of a stand-alone or bulk system?


  • Atomizer
  • Drum
  • Seed Wheel
  • Flow Meter
  • Mix Tanks

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