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Tree Boss will eliminate the dilemma happening today in the Nursery Industry where employees are usually at maximum cost and labor output is minimum. Tree Equipment Design has created a solution with the Tree Boss, since one operator can do the job of a whole crew. The Tree Boss loads and unloads balled trees off trailers with ease. It is controlled from the operator's seat with electrical hand switches, which are mounted on your forward/back lever on your skid steer loader. These can be adapted to loaders that have adequate SAE capacities. A pair of pivot rotary actuators are attached to the end of the frame with a third grapple adjustable foot which is positioned between the grapple blades to stabilize the plant load. The interior surfaces of the grapple blades and foot are adapted to engage the root ball of the plant.

Additional features include:

  • Loads the truck and double stacks in one hour using only one operator and someone tying the trees down.
  • 3-points of contact creating NO damage to the ball, grabbers are also shaped to cradle the ball; and attaches quickly so you can dig and load with the same loader.
  • 270 degrees of rotation from side to side; tilts 100 degrees at any point of rotation.
  • Gives the operator a clear view of maneuverability.
  • Employees no longer need to position trees to manhandle tree balls, which in turn will reduce your workforce by doing the job with fewer employees and reducing workman's compensation claims.
  • Skid steer does not need to maneuver.
  • Attaches to skid steer loaders; however, the loaders must have a lift capacity of 1,800 to 2,000 pounds and must also be equipped with boom hydraulics.

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