Tree Guards


Nursermen and Orchadists have been using corrugated plastic Tree Guards for over 25 years with great success. Farm Wholesale Tree Guards are easy to wrap onto tissue culture tree trunks to protect their thin, sensitive bark for years. Our tree trunk protectors are black and ribbed on the inside for cushining and white on the outside to prevent sunscald.

  • Eliminate trunk scaring during transport and while digging
  • Reduce sucker sprout growth
  • Protect against herbicide spraying
  • Stop predator damage (especially deer antler rub and jack rabbits)
  • Protect from southwest sunscald in the winter
  •  Added insulation helps prevent winter cracking and splitting
  •  Prevent tractor and weed-eater damage
  •  Protect against truck splitting due to frost
  •  Durable and reusable
  • Made in the USA

Farm Wholesale trunk protectors are easy to install. Wrap the flexible tree guard around the tree trunk with black facing inside and white facing outside and secure with our twist ties (SF-730). The Tree Guards can be adjusted to grow with your tree. Tree Guards store flat easily or keep them on the tree for 'added value' in the retail and wholesale industry. 4' and 5' long natural bamboo stakes also available.

Corrugated Tree Guards are available for sale by the piece or by the pallet.

  • TW-248-X 24' x 8' Tree Guard 3000/pallet
  • TW-1612-X 16' x 12' Tree Guard, 3000/pallet
  • TW-3212-X 32' x 12' Tree Guard, 1000/pallet
  • TW-4812-X 48' x 12' Tree Guard
  • 1000/pallet SF-730    
  • Wire Twist Ties - 16', 125/bundle, 10,000/case
  • TWG-STAKE-4-12     4'L x 1/2' Bamboo Natural, Bundle (250)
  • TWG-STAKE-5-12  5'L x 1/2' Bamboo Natural, Bundle (250)

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