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With the advent of the OPTIMUM range, PELLENC puts innovation at the service of excellence and performance, for a new approach to viticulture reconciling crop quality, respect for the environment, profitability, and ease of use. As such, each grower will find in the OPTIMUM range of harvesting machines and the multifunction carrier the equipment adapted to their needs as well as the specificities of its vineyard and its exploitation.

EASY TECH Steering
  • Spacious and safe ROPS 4 (Roll Over Protection Structure) cab.
  • Comfort, safety, and driver-assistance.
  • Ergonomic EASY TOUCH steering.
  • EASY TURN offers an unmatched turning angle (95°).
  • Extremely comfortable driving thanks to EASY DRIVE.
  • Simple adjustment of harvesting settings with EASY SMART.


  • The efficient, economical PELLENC solution for carrying out all types of work in the vineyard.
  • Work several rows in a single run.
  • Coupling and uncoupling simplified with the EASY CONNECT hydraulic monocoupling.
  • Change tools in just 3 minutes.
  • Automatic engine speed management with easy power, based on the needs of the carrier and the tool being used.
Eco-friendly performance
  • Reduction of fuel consumption of up to 43% per hectare.
  • The carrier is the most compact on the market.
  • Perkins TIER IV i motor that meet the latest environmental standards.
  • Time and maintenance costs reduced.
Unmatched harvesting
  • Foliage protected with the ACTIV’ harvesting head.
  • EASY SMART gentle and effective shaking.
  • Harvest sorting as soon as the grapes are picked with the Flexible Sorter Conveyor.
  • Up to 25 % productivity.

Spacious cab
Easy cabin access with a single click using the retractable electrically operated ladder. Panoramic field of view up to 310°. Lowest cab position on the market. 2 12V plugs. Plenty of storage space and automatic air conditioning.
Multiple, customisable settings: seat, armrest, mirrors, EASY TOUCH console, and steering column. The anti-vibration pneumatic seat with its ergonomic armrest and integrated EASY DRIVE joystick offer a healthy and relaxing position time after time.
Optimum is three times quieter. Cab mounted on silicone shockmounts that absorb vibrations.

Accessible to all

Now with gradual acceleration using EASY DRIVE
Joystick on a fixed pivot: the driver no longer moves his arm, piloting is done by impulse or continuous pressing.
Instant reset and change of direction in a single movement.
Ergonomic and practical with backlit keys.
EASY TOUCH touch console
Adjust all settings of the PELLENC Multifunction tools right from the cab.
Intuitive control and settings pictograms without text: only one screen for managing all machine functions.
With EASY SMART, adjust all the harvesting settings directly.
EASY TOUCH also incorporates the guide lights for the rows, speed regulator, and acreage counter.
Driver assistance
Safety inclinometer for automatic tilt correction.
Automatic centring of the ACTIV’ head in the row with stop indicator in the cab.
Ground detection with automatic lifting.
Programmable height stops: position: working, headland, and road position.


Secure cab
The cab complies with anti-crush standards (ROPS 4: Roll Over Protection Structure).
Equipped with break glass hammer, sun visor, fire extinguisher, dual position rear-view mirror, two point seat belt and presence sensors.
Split, electric wide-angle side-view mirror, adjustable in width.
Pressurized cabin meets the EN 15695-1 and NF EN 15695-2 standards.

5 emergency stops
One on the armrest: Shuts down the tool/harvesting head. 1 on the steering column: full machine shut-down (including motor). 3 emergency stops on the harvesting head: above each lower suction fan and on the cleaning remote control. 1 battery switch that is easily accessible.

Automatic parking brake
The parking brake is turned on and off automatically when the machine stops and restarts.

Visibility night and day
12 standard lights including 2 directional lights + 2 optional LED lights. 2 colour cameras with night vision and an independent screen embedded in the EASY TOUCH console.


New Perkins Tier IVi motor is simple and efficient providing up to 43% fuel saving per hectare! Optimisation of every drop of fuel:

  • EASY POWER: automatic engine speed control based on the hydraulic requirements of the machine.
  • Speed controller/limiter.
  • Intercooler: cools the air entering the engine.
  • Maximum torque of 1,600 rpm.
  • A working day without refuelling thanks to an available tank volume of 190 L (500 and 600 model) or 260 L (700/800 model).
The new TIER IV i motor is 10 times less polluting than a Tier III engine! It significantly reduces emissions through the EGR valve that recycles exhaust gas and the Particle Filter that traps and destroys harmful particles.
Easy to handle

The most compact carrier on the market:
Low centre of gravity for gradients and slopes (slope clearing of 28% to 32 % depending on the model).
Easy travelling on roads and paths.
Multifunction power/weight ratio is similar to that of an in-row tractor with the added advantage of having the wheels in the middle of the row.

EASY TURN steering
Unmatched, 95° turning angle, for perfect handling in the headlands: work row after row without manoeuvring.
The rear inside wheel reverses to reduce the space needed for manoeuvring in the headland.

Continuous All-wheel-drive system TPI 2
Pellenc motor with 4 independent wheels.
Ensures smooth driving without skating in forward or reverse, or when turning in the headland.

Quick and easy maintenance

Quick access at shoulder height, without the need for tools on any maintenance areas, lubrication, and the different filters: air, fuel, and oils (hydraulic and motor). Removable lateral scale provided.

Less lubrication needed: 1 x 20 h shaking and 1 x 200 h Selectiv’ Process and carrier.
Easy and reduced maintenance of the flexible sorter conveyor: all of the elements of the flexible sorter conveyor can be replaced and are installed on interchangeable Teflon® runners.
Semi-automatic tension without tools for the Flexible Sorter Conveyor.
Permanent self-diagnostics signalled in the cab.
Pre-diagnostics for the After Sales Service Department. The PELLENC Buscan technology ensures continuous communication between the EASY TOUCH console and the components.

Fast and easy cleaning*

Numerous  access points: removable conveyor housings, sorting tables, sorters and retractable suction fans. Cleaning mode reduces cleaning time by 30 %. Can be activated from the cab or the remote console (on the cleaning platform). Can be used to retract the housings, sorting tables, sorters and suction fans. Remote control on the harvesting head.

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