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Trigestamace is a specialty blend of Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS), Beta glucans and R&D LifeSciences' strategic combination of microbial fermentation product-generated enzymes providing broad spectrum activity to help maintain the digestive process. This results in a three-tiered action to the ruminal and hind-gut digestive process by maintaining hydrolysis of specific nutrient components, especially fibers and starch. This combination also helps maintain mucosal health in the gut as well as natural immunity. Additional benefits include maintaining microbial balance in the gut, appetite, dry matter intake and digestion.

Benefits of Trigestamace

  • Broad spectrum approach in maintaining digestive tract health and performance Help maintain ruminal microbial balance
  • Maintain dry matter intake (DMI), weight gain, feed efficiency, milk production
  • and milk components


  • Trigestamace liquid can be applied directly to the TMR in dairies or added to liquid supplements or milk replacers for calves.
  • Trigestamace may also help enhance the payability of the ration, maintain fiber digestion and optimal rumen environment for the beneficial microflora to thrive.

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