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- Tru Count Air Clutch

The Tru Count Air Clutch by TrimbleĀ® delivers superior performance for all your planting applications. It allows you to start and stop the flow of seed using commands from your section control unit and GPS-all from the tractor cab. With almost instant activation or deactivation, there is no lag time in clutch stop or start up.

  • Eliminate double planting in headlands and point rows
  • Save on wasted seed costs
  • Deliver increased yields
  • Divide your planter into as many sections as you need by adding valves to change the size and number of sections controlled


  • Controls individual row shutoff from any planter
  • No planter modification is required for most planters
  • Compatible with the FmXÆ integrated display or CFX-750ô display, and existing EZ-GuideÆ 500 systems
  • Supports a number of planter makes and models

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