- Three Row Cultivator



Trio – The three row cultivator. The name Trio stands for compact three row cultivator that can be driven in three point linkage. The Trio can be used for :

  • Loosening and aerating the soil by deep cultivation up to 30cm
  • First shallow stubble cultivation after harvesting 5-10cm
  • Second stubble cultivation for mulch 10-20cm
  • Incorporation of manure
  • Incorporation of catch crops

Levelling tines

In front of the packer roller in the Trio are adjustable levelling tines,  which level the smaller litter dams. These levellers are easy to adjust, no maintenance and low cost in the wear behavior. A simple tool with great impact.

External disc

Optionally, the Trio can be equipped with a hinged external disc. With the external disc the machined surface is perfectly leveled. For road transport, the external disc is simply folded up.

Hydraulic depth control

A hydraulic depth control is optionally available for the Trio.

Following harrow 13 mm

For a good result, the Trio is equipped  with a following harrow that can be adjusted in its working angel. Ideal even after root crops or on the plow furrow for seedbed preparation.

Tine options for the Trio

  • TopMix - Goosefoot320 x 10 mm: For an extremely shallow cultivation.
  • TopMix - Point80 x 14 mm: Withwing share350 x 10 mm for medium deep tillage with an optimum mixing effect.
  • TopMix - Subsoiler point40 x 20 mm:  For an extremely deep loosening.
  • BETEKTopMix - Subsoiler point40 x 20 mm: For an extremely deep loosening and long service life.
  • BETEKTopMix - Point80 x 30 mm:  For a deep loosening and a long service life.

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