- Model T10 - Automatic Feeding System



The Triomatic T10 is a standalone feeding robot. The robot can control tower silos or other storage units and can be implemented into existing systems. The Triomatic T10 mixer feeder robot has two vertical mixing augers, a transverse conveyor capable of discharging to both the left and right, and a volume of 3 m3. The feeding robot in combination with a stationary feed mixer, with a feed kitchen or storage bunkers can be used as a full automated feeding system.

  • Capacity 3 m³
  • Discharge type Front discharge
  • Model Automatic feeding

  • Feeding robot 3m3
  • 2 vertical augers (stainless steel)
  • Discharge belt for discharge on both sides
  • Sliding power take off system
  • Full electric drive
  • Safety bumper
  • Double positioning system
  • Infinitely speed control on discharge belt and mixing augers

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