- Model MEGA MIX 8 - 18 To - Grinding and Mixing Plant



TROPPER produces the grinding and mixing plant MEGA-MIX in mixer sizes of from 8 t to 18 t volume. The highly stable aluminium mixer drum combined with two upright mixer screws and high performance drive ensure increased suction and blowing performance.  

With the TROPPER MEGA MIX Duo new dimensions are opened up for contractors: the light but strong aluminium mixer drum can accept a volume of from 10 t to 18 t of fodder at a maximum vehicle height of 4 m! In the MEGA MIX Duo the mixer is equipped with a revolvable partition. You can produce two different fodder mixes at the same time.

The main reason given by many of our customers for the success of the compact mills from TROPPER is the stable mixer drum with a low superstructure height and easy maintenance of the robust components. Due to the low centre of gravity and a total height of less than 4 m, driving with a fully loaded mixer to an external silo is not a problem.  

As a further imporatant reason customers stressed the low costs connected with not having to have a large store of spare parts. You do not need to store cyclone seperators, airblocks and screws therefore your overheads are lower! Lower diesel consumption, higher performance, less wear, structured fodder - those are the pay-offs for a cost-conscíous contractor.

  • Mixer - Complete discharge
  • Low maintenance costs due to few wear parts = less maintenance work
  • Easy access to units
  • Good fodder quality at high performance
  • Original direct drive from TROPPER for integrated storage space or economical, high-performance FTP engine (450hp)
  • Dust-free operation of the plant due to integrated filter, hydraulic blower arm with double joint or discharge screw with fast discharge performance
  • Spacious and compact 8, 10, 12, 18 to mixers
  • Hopper of stainless steel (for cleaning) in optimal working height with bag lifter (hot galvanized) and standard bag opener (stainless steel)
  • Simple filter and hammer exchange in hammer mills
  • Low superstructure
  • Simple operation of weighing system - on robuts weighing cells
  • Sound insulation hood with rust-proof covers of aluminium
  • Generous hose strorage (Alu) respectively tube storage
  • Strong-walled mixer
  • First class servicing and painting

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