- Live Bottom Trailer


Our live bottom trailers can not only provide a safe alternative to dump trailers but can save customers on insurance. The versatility of the trailer allows owners to unload indoors, stockpile, spread, shoulder and haul a variety of product... this means extending your working season to 12 months. It also means that you can eliminate the need for other expensive pieces of equipment. Just like our trailers, we want to work with you to provide products and solutions that will make you more efficient in your business.

What’s the difference between live bottoms?

1. Trout River’s 4” 2160 Chain is the strongest chain on the market. It has a breaking point of almost 70,000lbs which is over 2X times stronger than our nearest competitor.

2. The Trout River conveyor system is designed for the most demanding loads. Trout River is the only live bottom trailer manufacturer that runs its conveyor on a hardended rail system with three junior I-beams. This means a far less chance of bending bars and company downtime. It also means you can reverse the load.


3. Trout River’s signature rounded tub means that there is less ware at the rear of the tub, more load is moving on the conveyor and the trailer is only 10’ high. In some cases- the Trout River is over 2 feet lower than it’s competition. This means a better payload, less wind resistance and less chance of getting hit with a loader bucket.


4.Trout River Live Bottom Trailers are the only trailers that have optional attachments. These attachments have “quick coupling” hook ups that can have you doing a variety of jobs in just minutes.
The spreader attachment is ideal for back roads, parking lots and driveways.
The Shouldering is well suiting for road shouldering, guard rails and wash outs.

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