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- Model I and II - Ravning Sillerup Spring Trout Farm


Ravning is situated in the beautiful countryside of Vejle Ådal, an area rich in spring water, and the farm consist of 3 smaller systems, each farm with its own pure spring water. Conditions which are excellent for brood stock and disease free production. The other farm Sillerupvaeld is situated in the middle of Jutland in a big forest area, and is well supplied by pure spring water.

  • Free of IPN, VHS, BKD, IHN, PKD and whirling disease.
  • Specialized in late-maturing strain, 3, 4 and 5 years, silver-colored trout.
  • Higher hatching-rate due to larger eggs (8500 – 6000 per litre).

Has roots back to the very beginning of Danish fish farming culture, and has always been working in aquaculture. He has both lots of experience and good traditions in egg production.


The present brood stock has been selected and developed through several generations, so today customers can be supplied from silver-colored strain, which matures after 3, 4 and 5 years, with higher hatching rate, and higher growth rate.

The late mature eggs have gradually increased in size to 8500 – 6000 eggs per litre.

Standard table trout size is 11000 – 8000 eggs pr litre for trout eggs all-female and mixed sex.

Jørgen Jøker Trachsel has taken part in a scientific breeding programme (more info) to strengthen the good characteristics such as a strong and healthy strain, with higher hatching rate, growth rate, and lower feed conversion ratio.

The farms are controlled at least twice a year by the Danish veterinarian authorities, making sure that the eggs delivered are free of disease IPN, VHS, BKD, IHN, PKD and whirling disease.

The eggs can be exported all over the world, so far a large part of the production has been exported to South America.

All eggs are carefully sorted by hand just before packaging, to ensure high quality trout eggs, and to reach the highest possible hatching rate.

All eggs will be delivered in expanded polystyrene boxes, with proper strong cardboard box to avoid transport damage. Size about 67 x 45 x 35 cm and weight app.15 kg/box.

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