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Troutlodge maintains four strains of rainbow trout, all developed from strains originating in the Pacific Northwest USA, the native home of the rainbow trout. Maintaining four distinct strains allows Troutlodge to supply rainbow trout eggs every week of the year without the use of photoperiod manipulation. All rainbow trout eggs are produced from Troutlodge's comprehensive Genetic Selection Program which is designed to maximize value to customers by optimizing hatch-out rates, feed conversion, growth, and marketability.

Specialty Rainbow trout strains:

Kamloops Rainbow trout

Availability: Late July - October

Kamloops Rainbow trout are prized for their fast growth, vibrant color, and ability to withstand stress. Like Troutlodge's other strains, the Kamloops are a part of the comprehensive Genetic Selection Program.

Silver steelhead trout

Availability: November - April

Troutlodge 'Silver Steelhead' trout are specially bred to have a distinctive silver color and excellent growth in both seawater and freshwater, making them ideal for use in net-pen operations. Like Troutlodge's other strains, the Silver Steelhead are a part of the comprehensive Genetic Selection Program.

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