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- On-The-Go (OTG) Drill


Agriculture drills, both grain and grass, are designed to plant either as a no-till into residue or be configured to plant conventional, prepared seed beds. These drills are not versatile enough for today's farmers who demand more when faced with sites that need drills to change from one mode to another as conditions change. The Truax On-the-Go Drill adapts to your site conditions and even to seed bed variances within a field.

Five reasons the Truax On-The-Go Drill should be a part of your operation:

This is the drill you will hand down to the next generation. Its double-row bearings handle loads better than the common single-row types and extend bearing life cycle. Rubber torsion assemblies in the planters eliminate moving parts prone to wearing out. Top to bottom and side to side, we meticulously engineered this drill to last.

Seed bed variations can be overcome by the OTG's interchangeable, leading press wheels that can be moved in to place hydraulically to firm the seed bed before the double disc places the seed.

Achieve consistent seeding rates every time. The drill's output adjustment lever enables precise seed metering. Calibrate and set the drill once and return to the same output setting every time.

Site conditions and seed species may require unique seed placement. The OTG can easily adapt to plant many different types of sites. It is possible to drill with the standard double disc openers or to interchange optional imprinters for seeding surface sown species.

Different levels of crop residue on the same field can be addressed by raising and lowering the drill's hydraulically activated no-till assemblies.

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