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- Seed Slinger


The 'SEED SLINGER' is used for broadcasting fluffy, chaffy seed and small flowable seed on areas that are too small, too steep, or inaccessible for other types of seeding equipment.

  • Built on a tough, cast aluminum frame that supports the sturdy polyethylene seed hopper.
  • Constructed with bronze bushings to ensure long lasting durability.
  • Equipped with protective guards to protect the operator from moving parts.
  • Truax-style auger agitator and picker wheels to handle hard to seed species..

Both Models Feature...

  • Dual seed compartments:
  • One cubic foot size for fluffy seed
  • One gallon size for small flowable seed
  • Auger agitator and picker wheels to handle fluffy seed.
  • Agitator in the small seed compartment.
  • Slide control gate to set seeding rate for the small flowable seed compartment.
  • 1O-inch diameter disc to 'sling' seed uniformly on the soil surface.]

ATV Mounted Electric Operated

  • Easily accessible On-Off switch.
  • Seed hopper lid with a safety On-Off switch.
  • Electric gear motor drive for 12 volt system powers the agitator, picker wheels, and seed slinger disc.
  • Electrical system connection includes positive, negative and ground wires.
  • Universal mounting arms for ATV accessory rack.
  • Suitable for mounting on other motorized vehicles.

Hand Held and Hand Operated:

  • Adjustable backpack style shoulder strap.
  • Easy-to-turn crank powers the agitator, picker wheels, and seed slinger disc.
  • Sturdy base provides stability for filling and storage.

Seed Slinger: Hand & Electric - 12 volt

  1. Hopper capacity
    • about 1 cubic foot - fluffy seed
    • about 1 gallon - small hard seed
  2. Span/width of coverage
    • small hard seed - 10 to 12 feet
    • little bluestem - 3 to 4 feet
    • sideoats - 4 to 5 feet
    • average span - 4 to 6 feet
  3. Weight
    • Hand carried: 19 lbs (plus seed)
    • ATV mounted: 22 lbs (plus seed)
  4. Seed Metering
    • Fluffy Seed - two picker wheels & auger agitator
    • Small Seed - controlled slide gate with wire agitator
  5. Power
    • Hand Operated: Strong, passionate person (not furnished)
    • Electric Operated: 12 Volt, dc. 4 prong, flat plug
  6. ATV electric model includes:
    • Hopper cover Safety On/Off switch to turn off unit when cover is opened.
    • Line switch to activate unit from vehicle seat
    • Mounting bars to help in attaching to luggage rack of ATV
  7. Limits of use
    • Do Not try to seed or distribute the following: Cool season mixes, grains, turf grasses, wheat grasses, granular material, and never, ever try to distribute fertilizer! This unit is specifically designed to sow fluffy, chaffy seeds!

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