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- Trillion Broadcast Seeder


This seeder plants turf grasses, wildflowers or forbs, native grasses, introduced grasses, legumes, and cover crops. The Trillion-Broadcast Seeder meets the challenge for shallow seed placement on a prepared seedbed by combining the Truax seed box design with Brillion cultipacker rollers. The Trillion and the Pull Broadcaster are the most forgiving planters for handling hand picked or combine run seed mixes in that neither have seed hoses or boots to plug when the fluffy seeds are metered from the boxes. The result is a broadcast seeding, eliminating the row effect, on a prepared seedbed planted at a shallow depth.


Trillion seed boxes utilize the standard Truax design to handle a variety of seed types...

  • A small seed box for smaller flowable seeds, such as Alfalfa, Clover, Switch Grass.
  • A fluffy seed box with an auger/agitator and picker wheels for non-flowable seeds, such as fluffy, chaffy seed, Bluestems, Blue Grama, Indiangrass.
  • A cool season seed box for larger flowable seeds, such as Oats, Wheat, Peas, Soybeans.
  • Row dividers in the small seed and fluffy seed boxes keep seed distributed across the machine.
  • Row dividers can be added to the cool season box as an option.
  • A derailleur style speed changer controls seed output from the fluffy seed box.
  • Separate slide levers on the small seed and cool season boxes set the openings for seed flow to the fluted seed metering cups.
  • Seed output from each seed box is calibrated independent from the other boxes.


Baffles direct seed as a broadcast seeding between the cultipacker rollers.

  • The leading roller crushes clods, removes air pockets, and presses down small stones forming a smooth, firm seedbed in front of seed drop.
  • The second cultipacker roller splits the shallow ridges formed by the front roller, gently firming the soil around the seeds, ensuring shallow seed placement and excellent seed-to-soil contact.
  • These notched rollers create little pockets on the soil surface to trap moisture. Seeds are placed in the top 1/4' -1/2' of soil for rapid germination and seedling development.

The Trillion is available in three seeding widths; 5 feet, 8 feet, or 10 feet.

  • The 5 foot model is available only for 3-point hook-up.
  • The 8 foot model is available for either 3-Point hitch or with end wheel transport.
  • The 10 foot model is available only with dual rear wheel transport.
  • The 12 foot model is available only with dual rear wheel transport.

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