Truck Beds


Truck Beds have long been utilized in the potatoe and sugar beet industries. In addition some of our customers work in areas where it is just not practical to maneuver semi-trailers. Some of our customers are not required or requested to deliver full semi-trailer loads of product.  These customers don’t need a full sized trailer, they need a truck body. Trinity Trailer truck beds are light weight, fast unloading, and handle muddy, slippery unloading conditions far better then one piece conveyor belts.

Trinity Trailer truck bodies can be manufactured with carbon steel or stainless steel in lengths from 20’- 30’.

25” through 61” chain and flap conveyor belt width

Our new generation Spud Bed features the new gear pump and 7.5 hp electric motor which generates extremely fast unload speeds (also available with PTO).

The new side door has eliminated latches allowing the doors to open and shut smoothly without jamming. The inside shelf on the side door has been eliminated so there is no place for debris to collect causing the door not to close.

Trinity’s high capacity beds are also remarkably light. 20’ beds, depending on how they are equipped, will typically weigh less than 4500 lbs.

Wider belt bodies must be mounted at our facility in Boise, Idaho.  25”, 31”or 36” belt bodies can be shipped to and installed by the customer.  To assure a more accurate quotation truck specifications are required prior to quoting.

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