- High Accuracy Row-Crop Autosteer Control System


Truesight is a high accuracy row-crop autosteer control system for corn harvesting.  Truesight works by using mechanical sensing wands to feel the rows and integrates with an existing steering device to guide the combine down the row.  It is not tied to GPS, therefore can be installed on any combine once a steering valve or motor is installed.

  • Reduces Operator Fatigue
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves Feeding

  • Flexible poly sensing wands
  • Spring trip for backing up
  • Tilt compensation for operation on slopes
  • Auto engage - Turns the system on or off based on feederhouse height so your hand doesn't leave the hydro handle.
  • Ties into steering wheel, seat switch and combine speed for safety
  • Adjustable row width

  • JD AutoTrac
  • JD Row Sense - Requires Row Sense Unlock from JD
  • CHH AccuGuide/IntelliSteer
  • Trimble EZ-Steer and AutoPilot
  • AutoFarm Ontrac and OnTrac2
  • Lexion Autopilot
  • Outback eDrive

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