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Truss-Mount Controllers



OMI introduces the industry’s first in-Truss Controller for floating boat-lifts. Many new docks/marinas are constructed with 3-foot walkways and existing docks have walkway clutter issues. Truss-Mounts are an alternative to Deck-Mount Controllers that take up dock space.

  • Patent-pending utility and design. Only in-truss solution on the market.
  • Avoid clutter on dock walkways by installing inside truss of the dock.
  • Avoid cleaning cobwebs, insects, and spider poop off Controller.
  • User-friendly control panel operation.
  • Single system for all floating lift designs from PWC-to-20,000 lbs.
  • Compatible with any floating-lift brand.
  • Designed to operate in high-moisture environments.
  • Lockable switch-operated control panel/housing.

  • Durable, long-lasting 1-1/2” 120-VAC 50 HZ solenoid valves. Lasts upto 700,000+ open/close transactions.
  • Bull-head “T-style” fittings to fit up to double 1” supply and single 1-1/2” dump.
  • Motor-valve for max. water protection.
  • Low-profile. Fits perfectly into 10”-to-12” dock truss.

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