Model TS 1302 and TS 1502 - Two-Rotor Side Rakes



The models TS 1302 and TS 1502 are very agile and versitile machines. Depositing a single swath is just as easy as depositing two small single swaths or a double swath by making a return pass. The working width can be infinitely adjusted hydraulically and held fixed in any position. Using these machines, tidy and precise swaths can be formed even on demanding terrain. Due to their comparatively low weight, small tractors can also be used, which increases cost-effectiveness.

The cardanic mechanism patented by FELLA in conjunction with the twistable frame and the large dimensioned tyres ensure perfect ground adaptation. As a result, forage lying in recesses and depressions can be recovered without contamination or loss.

Changing from working position to transport position can be conveniently performed from the tractor seat. Also, the tine arms do not have to be removed for travelling on the road. Depending on the country involved, the permissible transport speed for these models is 40 km/h*. As a result, there is more time left for the actual task, namely raking.

Because of the numerous adjustment options on the rake, tidy raking work can be achieved, even under difficult conditions. High-quality basic forage can therefore be produced.

At a glance:

  • Flexible working width from 3.10 m to 7.00 m
  • One or two swaths possible
  • Twistable frame for the best ground following
  • Perfect ground following thanks to fully cardanic rotor suspension and jet effect
  • Quick transport without modifying the tine arms
  • Easy-to-maintain TS4 rake head
  • Top-quality forage
  • SteerGUARD – the ingenious steering system from FELLA
  • Sequential control for delayed lowering/lifting of the rotors (as standard on TS 1502)

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