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Model TS 207 Series - Inner Diameter Saw



Best cutting quality WITH minimum kerf loss for PV and semiconductor industrIES. Our inner diameter saw TS 207 combines best cutting quality with minimum kerf loss. Robust construction and easy handling are additional features of the TS 207. The machine is loaded manually with silicon ingots or bricks and offers flexibility of use.

  • High capacity
  • Monocrystalline silicon ingots or bricks
  • Flexible use
  • High surface and cutting quality
  • Lowest kerf loss
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership

Orientable crystal axis

For processing monocristalline silicon the TS 207 is available in two versions (series 8 and 13). The series 8 allows users to orient the crystal axis to the blade prior to cutting. Due to this, wafers can be cut perfectly parallel to the crystal lattice. This complies with highest demands of the semiconductor industry.

TS 207 - Series 8TS 207 - Series 13


Semi + PV



Mono Si

Mono Si

Cross sections

ø 100 - 215 mm

ø 150 - 215 mm / ø 125 mm / ø 156 mm

Block length

82 - 2100 mm

300 - 2850 mm

Brick length

50 - 760 mm

120 - 1000 mm

Crystal axis orientation



Operation modes


Semi/Full automatic

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