Model TS 301 DN, TS 351 DN, TS 391 DN - Single Rotor Rakes



The single-rotor rakes with trailing device from the 300 series are outstanding due to their low weight, their sturdy design, their ease of handling and their versatile use. These rakes can therefore be used with a tractor performance level of as low as approx. 23 hp. Perfect for use in different regions. Thanks to its 8 or 10 tine arms and 3 or 4 tines, each arm guarantees perfect and neat raking performance at all times. Only the best for your quality forage!

Very exact swaths are possible even with a large forage mass thanks to the extra strong tine arms and the long tines. Thanks to a cam track that can be adjusted on the outside, optimal swath formation is guaranteed at all times for all follow-up devices. In addition, the width of the swath can be adapted to your requirements using the continuously adjustable swath former.

Thanks to the wide-track chassis and movable lower link bracket, optimum ground adaptation is guaranteed. These models are particularly well suited to hillsides.

The drive is via single-stage bevel gear with a split double bearing pinion shaft. In addition, the gear box and cam track are enclosed and dust-tight, which guarantees a long service life.

At a glance:

  • Single-rotor rake with trailing device
  • Low weight, sturdy design
  • Tidy raking and therefore first-class swath formation
  • Perfect ground contour following
  • Good on hillsides
  • Sturdy, dust-tight, triple bearing drive
  • One-piece, D-shaped three-point headrack
  • Adjustable transverse inclination
  • Spring-loaded cloth folding
  • Infinitely adjustable cloth

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