D-S Livestock Equipment

D-S Livestock Equipment

Model TS900 - Two Way Sheep and Goat Sorter With Stop



This unique 3-in-1 gate is easy to operate because it has only one handle to do three things: stop animals and cut animals right or left. The TS900 comes with a lock handle so the unit can be locked in the closed position or left or right sort position. With a stop gate built into the sorter, the sheep and goats can be slowed to permit closer inspection before sorting. Even at a slow rate, sheep and goats can be sorted at a rate of more than 100 every five minutes. the TS900 sorter has open bars to allow light to pass through and entice animals to move towards the end of the raceway. TS900 also acts as support for the raceway panels.

Weight - 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)
Length - 32 inches
Width - 29 inches
Height - 48 inches

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