- Model XT 5 | 6 | 7 - Rear Mounted Disc Mower with Adjustable Frame



Rotex XTtake their origin from the renowned TSB and are the new rear disc mowers by BCS.The machines have a new look and their structure was reinforcedto face always more and more demanding work conditions for larger cutting fields and reduced processing time, to improve productiveness.

Three different versions of the Rotex XT are available, depending on the cutting width:
  • Rotex XT 5with 5 discs and a2.05 m cutting width
  • Rotex XT 6with 6 discs and a2.45 m cutting width
  • Rotex XT 7with 7 discs and a2.85 m cutting width
All the Rotex XT are available with normal-rotating or counter-rotating discs.
Theminimal power absorption at the PTOmakes the Rotex XT suitable also for use on low powered tractors, on slopes or combined with front mowers.

Thecutter barfeatures a compact yet hard-wearing profile. This optimises penetration in all types of forage, even if thick and flattened, ensuring regular discharge without any danger of clogging.

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