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Model TSB 5- 6 - 7 - Rear-Mounted Mower


The Rotex TSB rear-mounted mowers have a laterally-adjustable framedesignedto adapt to any type of tractor and perfect adjustment of the distance between the machine and the tractor wheel, optimising the entire width of the cutter bar.Theminimal power absorption from the PTOmakes the Rotex TSB suitable also for use on low powered tractors and on slopes.

Three different versions of the Rotex TSB are available, depending on the cutting width:

  • Rotex TSB 5 with 5 discs and a 2.05 m cutting width
  • Rotex TSB 6 with 6 discs and a 2.45 m cutting width
  • Rotex TSB 7 with 7 discs and a 2.85 m cutting width

All the Rotex TSB are available with normal-rotating or contra-rotating discs.

The cutter bar is balanced by means of a practical system of springs and tie rods which are independent for either end of the bar itself. This system allows perfect adaptation to the morphology of the ground, whatever crops the machines are used for.

The control support, with gears in oil bath, is made from spheroidal cast iron to ensure maximum resistance to stress both during operation and during transfer.

The hydraulic lifting, supplied as standard, allows the positioning of the bar from +90° (i.e. vertically) during end of field manoeuvres and during road transfer, and it operates trouble-free up to 35° with respect to the horizontal plane. This can all be done while comfortably seated in the driving position of the tractor, simply by operating the distributor lever.

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