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TS Bin Sorter Systems can be easily customized to suit your application. We manufacture the reliable pusher lug and 'J-Bar' system, to the more custom systems, including automatic lumber cart filling and chop line sorting bins. TS sorter systems assure maximum uptime and minimum maintenance.

TS Manufacturing offers a variety of Bin Sorting Systems customized to suit your application.

These systems range from our proven pusher lug and 'J-Bar' sorter systems we've become reknown for, to the more custom systems including automatic lumber cart filling and chop line sorting bins. We have the system you need. Each of these designs can be customized with a variety of options including complete UHMW contact surfaces, integrated upgradability and remote wireless bin discharge consoles.

Our vast 'turn-key' experience, and in-house civil design capability, allows us to design your system - which can double as building structure - to maximize a tight budget. There are several variations of design we utilize, depending on the material being processed, piece counts and budget. TS installations can be seen in softwood and hardwood applications in sawmills, as well as planing mills, that are processing soft high grade species and grade hardwood dimension lumber. With a TS Manufacturing Sorter System you are assured of maximum uptime, low maintenance and a solution designed specifically to meet your needs.

U.H.M.W. lining on bin baskets, bin walls and soft discharge

Soft discharge bins

PLC or computerized control systems

Bin sizes to suit your package

Integrated sorter roof

Speeds up to 200 lugs per minute

Complete lumber processing, handling and grading systems

Bin sorters in operation handling cants up to 10'

Ultra soft discharge bins

Remote bin discharge consoles

Tray Sorter systems are also available

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