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Model TTA - Completely Covered Frame



The TTA is fitted with a completely covered frame to protect the different parts but also in three parts to ease the maintenance and servicing on your sprayer: At front part with the pump and the implementation system for an easy access, in the center two HLE rails to maintain the tank, at the rear part with the articulated ventilation fitted with a rear bumper to protect the rear of your sprayer.

To provide a maximum comfort to the user, THOMAS can fit (optional) an elastic block suspension. The axle has a standard position, but it is possible to place it in a lower position so that it penetrates the vegetation easily.


A useful and innovative design!

THOMAS completely redesigned its tank, fitting the TTA with a 1500 liters tank capacity made in polyethylene to ease your cleaning with its smooth sides. Its new streamlines design allows the TTA to penetrate between the trees without hanging.

  • the tank is only 1,40m high

The incorporation of the phyto product is done by a 400mm man hole located at the top of the tank easily reachable thanks to a small step. The 200 liters capacity clean water tank is place just above the axle to provide a good load transfer on the tractor and improve your traction.

Willing to preserve the environment, THOMAS fitted this atomizer with two high pressure rotary jets to optimize the cleaning of your tank. A hand washing can of 15 liters capacity is placed at the front of the sprayer, fully integrated in the hood.

A good spraying begins with a homogeneous phyto product that is the reason why THOMAS fitted the TTA with a mixing pump with an output of 560L/min, with a reduced brewing when the tank is almost empty.

Diaphragm - piston

The TTA is fitted with a diaphragm-piston pump BHA 130 for a maximum output of 130L/min at a pressure of 30bars.

It is ideally located at the front of the sprayer to ease your servicing.

To avoid any clogging at the nozzles, this implement is equipped with 3 filtration levels: tank sieve, suction and discharge filters. All the THOMAS sprayers are driven by a transmission shaft.

A simple and ergonomic implementation

  • An efficient regulation system, simple to use. The whole implementation system is located at the front of the sprayer to ease maintenance and servicing.
    THOMAS chose to fit the TTA with an ergonomic constant pressure regulation associated to the on board-computer you can manage the main opening/closing  of spraying as well as the sections from you cab.
    This lever is used to set a pressure depending on the application rate and your speed. The TTA is fitted with 16 jets which have 3 different working positions: normal application rate; reduced application rate; closed.


Simple and efficient

A ventilation system with all the knowledge of NICOLAS to ensure you an accurate application.

The TTA is fitted with a 750mm diameter fan with 16 blades to brew a maximum volume of air while needing little power requirement.

To avoid any spraying recycling, THOMAS kept the reverse air intake and added sieves to protect the fan. A perfectly mastered air flow is the guarantee of a good spraying, which is why the TTA is fitted with a big conical air chamber, to precisely manage and control the air stream.

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