- Spreader for Rear-mounting on Smaller Rollers


The TUBARO is designed for rear-mounting on smaller rollers. Depending on the material concerned, the delivery quantity can be up to 45 kg/min, with dispensing being carried out steplessly on the modern control panel. The working width can be set from 0.8 to 1.4 metres (depending on the size of the roller). With the TUBARO, granulates can be dispensed very precisely since their susceptibility to wind is minimal. The available hopper capacities are 110 ltr and 170 ltr (surcharge). Compared to a disk spreader, the TUBARO spreads with complete evenness. Due to the laws of physics, with a disk spreader the heavier particles are flung out further, so finer particles remain in the middle. Compared to a disk spreader, the susceptibility to wind is minimal.

  • Sturdy 12-Volt agitator motor
  • Control from the driver's seat via the control panel
  • Transparent hopper with a 110 or 170-litre capacity
  • Electrical power supply with 4 mm2 cable cross-section
  • Electrical power supply cable with 3-pin contact to the battery as standard
  • Slider and agitator made from rust-free stainless steel
  • Stepless spreading quantity setting from the control panel
  • Waterproof connection box on the spreader
  • 6 m cable from the control panel to the spreader
  • Optical and acoustic fault message with two-line display
  • Hopper with handy outlet opening (residual drainage)
  • Acoustic and optical empty indicator
  • Container cover with quick fastener
  • Installation holes on the frame at the back and underneath

The TUBARO® can be switched with just a few actions from 80 cm to 1.40 m.

Clean and precise lateral distribution is ensured by 6 baffle plates which are fitted to the rail.

The TUBARO® is supplied as standard with 6 hoses. Picture shows the TUBARO®'s slider unit

The TUBARO is equipped with a special saline agitator and is thus capable of spreading even materials that don't flow well.
If necessary, for example, when spreading grit, there is the option to shorten the agitator in order to relieve the agitator motor.

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