Tube Ventilation



Reduction of respiratory deseases and mortality The tube ventilation is designed to ensure a precise air exchange, primarily for ventilation in calf barns as well as for cattle barns - especially in areas with risk of congestion. The tube ventilation can be used 24-7-365 in order to reduce the temperature and infection pressure in the animal housing. The tube ventilation operates with a fresh air velocity of approx. 0,3 m/sec. The fans are programmed exactly according to the needs calculated from the tube ventilation programme.

Simple construction = easy mounting
The construction is simple, and therefore the tube ventilation is easy to install in both new and existing stalls. 

Customized solution
The tube ventilation is provided with the exact diameter, length, holes' size and position, that is required to obtain an optimal and equal ventilation. 

The tube ventilation is tailormade for each project, and thus it provides the optimal ventilation. Besides, the energy saving EC-fans are specially designed for animal housing, providing -  in additon to a very low energy consumption - long durability for the ventilation system.  

Strong and durable materials
The tube ventilation is made of strong and durable PVC-materials, stainless steel and with the most energy effecient EC-fans. The EC-fans are quiet, resistant to pressure and can be programmed to operate with a constant air pressure and volume without additional control devices.

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