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Wet/Dry Feeders



Three feeders in the wet/dry feeders range cater for weaners and growers up to 45kg and finishers from 30kg through to 110kg. They provide dry feed, but incorporate a nose type drinker which allows the pigs to wet their feed in the trough. There is a separate drinker and drinking compartment to give pigs access to fresh water whilst they are feeding. These sturdy feeders are manufactured with a stainless steel frame and a ten setting feed flow adjustment as standard, together with a pig operated feed agitator.

The Tubo weaner feeder has a plastic trough while the finisher feeder has a polymer concrete trough. A stainless-steel trough is available on request. The feeders can be sited in a ‘stand-alone’ position or can be integrated within pen divisions. A larger capacity double hopper feeder is available to cater for greater numbers of pigs.

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