- Model AIC-AG - Agricultural Irrigation Controller



The Tucor AIC (Agricultural Irrigation Controller) is perfect control and monitoring solution for most agricultural sites. The AIC can accommodate a plethora of wireless irrigation related sensors and probes to enable monitoring and control of the onsite irrigation system. Soil Moisture Probe data can be visualized via graphing as part of the Tucor Control and Monitoring hub.

  • The AIC’s irrigation run times are modified to reflect the TCM (Total Cycle Management) data derived from both local/onsite weather data and onsite soil moisture probes and sensors.
  • The AIC sends and receives inputs from our cloud based soil moisture sensor/probe network via it’s cellular gateway.
  • The AIC is fully compatible with the TCM Mobile App and Tucor Cycle Manager Web Software.
  • The AIC is a Hybrid controller that supports the use of 2-Wire, traditional wire, and wireless valves/relays.
  • The AIC will control up to 200 stations and run up to 15 stations over 10 schedules at one time.
  • The AIC can also accommodate and relay pressure sensor reporting from your irrigation mainline to maximize pump efficiency.
  • Alongside this pressure sensing capability the AIC can learn flow rates for each irrigation zone and then manage the schedule to generate the most efficient combination of run times to get irrigation completed in the most timely and energy efficient way possible.  The AIC will also monitor for irrigation line breaks and close down irrigation when a break occurs based upon its typical learned flow benchmarks saving great volumes of water and preventing site/crop damage.

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