- Model ET - Calculation Devices



The Tucor ET Calculation Devices are the Tucor ET-300-W and TRB-100. The Weather Station will collect onsite weather data and use it to generate an EvapoTranspiration or ET calculation to estimate how much moisture (in the form of irrigation run times) needs to be replenished from the previous days plant moisture use/loss or (ET).

The Tipping Rain Bucket will record effective onsite rain fall and provide phased onsite irrigation shutdown as required.

Tucor also provides for the use of Historic ET data modified by an onsite Tipping Rain Bucket and Soil Moisture Sensor.

In addition Tucor can accommodate online extrapolated weather service data if preferred.

These devices will collect onsite weather data for use as part of the Total Cycle Management (TCM) process.  The ET calculation generated from these devices is “Ground Truthed” via the Soil Moisture Sensors or Probes that we deploy as a soil based  feedback loop.  This “Ground Truthing” process ensures that you will not irrigate into a soil moisture profile that was set up incorrectly to start with or has an already adequate or a higher soil moisture level than figured.  The TCM process makes sure that the system is irrigating as efficiently as possible by modifying run times up or down based on both data sets and only deploys water when the plant material actually needs it.  Incremental water savings using this TCM process by cutting out unnecessary over irrigation add up in a big way throughout the course of a year.

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