- Model TDI - 2-Wire Decoder Interface


The Tucor TDI retrofits any conventional controller with 2-Wire control capabilities. The Tucor TDI allows you to take the central control platform that you currently use that doesn’t provide the cost saving benefit of a 2-Wire control interface and add it via the Tucor TDI.

  • The traditional outputs of any controller can be wired into the TDI and the TDI converts those traditional valve outputs onto a 2-Wire/Decoder path potentially saving you as much as 80% of what it would cost you to extend all of those dedicated wires out to each and every valve location. Much less wire, much less labor and much more savings!  The host controller is completely unaware and unaffected by the fact that the valves are actually controlled by the TDI over a 2-Wire path.
  • Always wanted to get the cost savings of a 2-Wire system but limited by the fact that your adopted central control system doesn’t provide a 2-Wire solution? Not anymore, TDI gets the job done and some! The TDI can also make adding zones in the future a snap and repairs are typically easier too!

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