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Explanation Dual-Plus: The Dual-Plus system makes it possible to harrow, to build ridges and to plant potatoes in one working pass.

Special benefits of the “one working pass” planting system

  • Planting into uncompacted soil
  • Shallower soil cultivation
  • Higher build-up of ridges
  • More even crop development through more effective moisture conservation
  • Saving of labour and tractor power
  • Straight driving characteristics (no side movement)
  • Excellent distribution of weight
  • During harvesting, fewer clods in the ridges, an increased harvesting output with less damage and a cleaner product will be noticed

Explanation of parts

  • Dual headstock: permits assembly of a Roterra power harrow or Multiterra harrow in the front linkage of the tractor allowing the attachment of a seed drill or planting machine to the rear linkage of the tractor. This configuration ensures an optimum distribution of weight.
  • Front roller: to create a proper floating system for the Roterra or Multiterra. With this combination the harrow follows the soil independently from the tractor.
  • Dual-Plus system: comprises a chassis beam including ridge builders and a special tyre assembly for depth control. The loose, crumbled soil is shaped into ridges. The tractor drives on the firm soil in the “trenches” and the planting machine places the seed potatoes in the preformed ridges of 75 cm. Possible in combination with Roterra 300 and Multiterra 300/400.

Points for attention

  • A front roller is only possible in combination with a Dual headstock
  • A Dual-Plus system in the front linkage is only possible in combination with a Dual headstock.
  • Using a Dual headstock, it is advised to replace the standard through shaft 21-6 splines of the Roterra or Multiterra by a through shaft 21-21 splines. It makes a separate PTO shaft to drive the machine in the front linkage redundant.
  • The standard crumbler roller will not be delivered when a Roterra or Multiterra is ordered in combination with a Dual-Plus system. Please consult the corresponding page of the Roterra or Multiterra in this price list for the deduction for non-delivery of the roller.
  • A levelling board is impossible in combination with the Dual-Plus system
  • The machine in the front linkage can only be driven at 1000 rpm. Please take this into account when choosing the set of gears and the shearpin automat Tulipmatic.

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