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The last two years the TulipStar proven itself by processing millions of tulips at nine farms already. The initial concept where Havatec fundaments on is “HIGH-TEC SIMPLICITY”. This basic concept originates from 10 years of experience in developing advanced sorting machinery and equipment.

Tulip as basic assumption

During development of the machine the tulip was our point of departion. Every process within the machine is adjusted to this culture.  If there is any other culture that can be processed with the TulipStar it would be great.


Operation of the machine : The tulips are horizontally processed in one continuous flow of one central supply with a capacity of 14.400 stems per hour. The method of processing perfectly fits to the most common way of handling the tulips. The tulips which fall within the range of pre-determined quality standards are automatically bunched in pre-set quantities per bunch. The machine is standard equipped with one bunching unit for the main selection, the rejected tulips due to shortage of weight, length or other faults are moved to a conveyor belt for manual processing. At a premium price extra bunching stations are available for bunching of the rejected tulips.

Affordable and low-cost maintenance

Because the TulipStar is kept simple in use and maintenance the profit of the machine can stay very low. Maintenance costs can be kept low and predictable. The X-Ray technique that is used are expensive high quality components. The risk of malfunction of these components are almost nil. In case there is a malfunction with any high-handed reason Havatec reduces down time significantly because Havatec developed and produces it’s own X-Ray line scan camera’s.

This X-Ray Line Scan Camera has proven itself now for a whole season in 2 TulipStar machines.

Bundling and Sorting

Not only bunching belongs to the possibilities of the TulipStar it also proven itself with sorting all kind of tulips. Tulips can be sorted by length or weight. Another possibility can be sorting out al mature tulips.  See picture

Align module

Every tulip will be caught by one of the grippers on the align module. Within this process every tulip will be dragged a pre calculated time along the hammock. Every bud will be aligned on this way to get every tulip bunched correctly.


The TulipStar can be perfectly replaced with a traditional bunching machine because the dimensions are closely the same.


In the machine the following operations are essential:

  • Debulbing unit
  • 1st de-sprouting unit
  • X-ray inspection
  • Pulling to required heights and/or rejection
  • Cutting to length
  • 2nd de-sprouting unit
  • Bunching and binding


Except for preventive maintenance to be performed before the start of the season the X-ray part is practically maintenance free. All other parts are easy accessible and by following the enclosed instructions convenient for self-service.

Potveer and Havatec

Havatec and Potveer started a collaboration during the TulipStar project. Last season Potveer and Havatec mainly focused on releasing the TulipStar.

Next seasons the collaboration also guarantees superb installations, Instructions and after care of machinery.

Supply module

Al tulips that are  supplied into the TulipStar will by synchronized first. At the second part there is a conveyor where manual corrections can be made. Every compartment on the conveyor will be filled by doing it this way. These manual corrections provides an optimal supply  for the TulipStar.

X-Ray inspection module

The system for X-Ray inspections exist of the following parts:

  • Havatec X-Ray Line San Camera
  • X-Ray source
  • X-Ray high voltage generator
  • Computer for imaging  analyse-sofware

The imaging analyzing software calculates the following:

  • The length of the tulips
  • The curving of the tulips
  • The weight of the tulips
  • The maturity of the tulips

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