- 332 Liters Vertical Milk Cooling Tank



TULSAN Milk Cooling Tanks are produced with the latest technology in the world with no human interference while it's production.

  • Convenient for small dairies.
  • Designes as vertically.
  • The cooling unit located under the tank.

The Condensing units are protected with stainless steel perforated covers which can be disassambled quickly in order to facilitate the maintenance of the unit.

Inclining bottom of the tank, elevated position of the agitator motor and extracted stainless steel valve (butterfly valve) contribute to the high quality hygiene of milk. Adjustable legs that support the milk cooling tank ensure the absolute levelling of the system that is essential for the proper operation of the cooling system and the precise volumetric analysis of the milk quantity.

Electronic thermometer (precise thermostat), is placed into a waterproof stainless steel protective panel which has a special stirring program and regulates the desirable temperature for the milk that the user states. Waterproof agitation motor is placed on the lid of the milk cooling tank and ensures the proper agitation of the milk during the cooling / conservation period.

Absolute insulation of milk cooling tanks is obtainedment friendly, so , only a few minutes within the hour of operation is needed for the cooling unit to maintain the ch with the controlled discharge of polyurethane foam of high density and environilled milk. All the aforementioned characteristics and properties render TULSAN's milk cooling tanks effective, reliable and very easy to use.

Processing: Storage Tank
Condition: New
Place of Origin: TR;trProvince201009142
Brand Name: TULSAN
Model Number: CT-100332
Processing Types: Milk
Dimension(L*W*H): 1100*980*1030 (mm)
Certification: ISO 9001, CE
Volume: 332 L

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