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- Model 3000 and 400 - Dual Disc Drill



Replacing separate fertiliser arms with a dual disc structure reduces the amount of consumable parts in Tume Titan. When all harrowing parts of the machine are in motion, the structure of the machine is completely protected from debris. The machine’s tractive resistance is also among the smallest of its class. This helps save fuel and enables the use of a smaller tractor as well. The supporting wheels cover a wide area, rolling along the surface at a steady pressure. Maximum coulter weight is 60kg/coulter and it can be adjusted during runtime, if necessary.

The machine features the largest hoppers on the market. The hopper divider wall is easy to adjust. Titan can also be used for only seed sowing, which makes it an excellent choice for organic farms. Titan’s rotation test is the easiest and fastest to do, compared to other machines on the market.

Titan is a user-friendly and, most of all, efficient multipurpose seed and fertilizer drill for minimum harrowing as well as harrowing and seed sowing.

Tume Titan’s features and accessory level is between that of Jyräkombi and NovaCombi. Titan supplements Tume’s extensive seed sowing and fertilizer drill range.

  • Hydraulic markersMakes the driving line for next pull, don’t need to estimate.
  • Computer AgroCont / AgroContPlusAxles rotation control, level control of the hoppers, control of the markers, makes the tramlines for spraying, hectare counter and function of rear harrow. AgroContPlus includes also the fertilizer adjusting.
  • Grass seed unitPossible to drill grass seeds simultaneously with grain seeding and fertilizing.
  • Intermediate wheel packerPress the field surface between the tractor wheels.
  • Agitator for fertilizer and seedEnsure the material flow to feeding units.
  • Hydraulic front levelling boardFinish the surface of the field for drilling.
  • Special drawbarSuitable with Tume CultiPack harrow and also with power harrows.
  • Extra front stepsMakes the filling of the hopper easier.
  • Extra-slow transmissionPossible to sow very little seed quantity app to 3 kg/ha.
  • CultiPack disc harrowHarrowing work simultaneously with drilling..
  • Rear railMakes the filling of the hopper safer.
  • Hydraulic cylinder of the drawbarWith this cylinder you can lift the front side of the drill, e.g. to help the soilflow to pass the coulters.

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